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The Gardnerian Book of Shadows

Editore BiblioLife | 96 pages |

The Book of Shadows is a collection of magical and religious texts of Wicca and other Neopagan witchcraft traditions, containing the core rituals, magical practices, ethics and philosophy of a Wiccan or other tradition. In Wicca, it is normally copied by hand from the book of one's initiating High Priestess or Priest, who copied theirs from their initiator. In modern Eclectic Wiccan terminology, however, a Book of Shadows is a personal magical journal rather than a traditional text.
Within traditional lineaged forms of Wicca there are a number of versions of the Book of Shadows, their contents varying to a greater or lesser degree from the early versions belonging to Gerald Gardner, who first popularised Wicca. While Gardner seems to have originally treated the book as a personal journal, it has come to be considered a religious text in most traditions.

Table of Contents 
Publisher's Preface; Casting The Circle; Drawing Down The Moon; The Charge: "lift Up The Veil"; The Initiation First Degree; Initiation: Second Degree; Initiation: Third Degree; Cakes And Wine; The Sabbat Rituals: November Eve; The Sabbat Rituals: February Eve; The Sabbat Rituals: May Eve; The Sabbat Rituals: August Eve; On Chants; To Help The Sick; The Scourge And The Kiss; The Priestess And The Sword; The Warning; Of The Ordeal Of The Art Magical; The Eightfold Way; To Gain The Sight; Power; Properly Prepared; The Meeting Dance; To Leave The Body; The Working Tools; Skyclad; A Revision Of The Casting Procedure; The Prose Charge; Cakes And Wine; The Sabbat Rituals: Spring Equinox; The Sabbat Rituals: Summer Solstice; The Sabbat Rituals: Autumn Equinox; The Sabbat Rituals: Winter Solstice; The Eightfold Path Or Ways; The First-degree Initiation; The Second-degree Initiation; The Third-degree Initiation; The Witches' Chant Or Rune; Consecrating Tools; The

Volume che si trova gratuitamente su internet. Viene attribuito a Gardner, anche se non vi è certezza su ciò. Si può considerare una breve e superficiale introduzione alla Wicca, come tante se ne possono trovare.

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